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A resource for easily creating your own NFT.

Turn your words into NFT. And maybe people will remember your quote.
Build a standard NFT, gift it to a friend, or sell it on OpenSea))).
No registration. The service is free, no fees..
So start.



1. Say your quote and save to NFT

- Select Id
- Address
- TokenURI:
When composing your phrase, remember:
The "comma - ," character moves the text to a new line.

/ - text -
, ***** , When composing your phrase remember: , The "comma" character moves the text to a new line. , *****
/ - result -

- And send the transaction

2. Build a standard NFT

- Select Id
- Address
- TokenURI(ipfs://YOUR_JSON_CID)
- And send the transaction
  • Choose a reliable IPFS provider to keep your NFT always available.
  • Example:
    - Infura 5 Gb free
    - Pinata 1 Gb free
  • Create a JSON Metadata File:
  • It asset is what you are selling, the blockchain that you mint your token on needs to store a "pointer" to that asset.
    This pointer takes the form of a JSON file with properties that relate to your NFT.

    Json test demo viewer

    The image property is especially important because this is the actual pointer we mentioned before.
    It points to your asset which is hosted on IPFS.
    Creating your JSON file is pretty simple.
    Open up the notepad app on your computer, copy the JSON example from above, and paste it into the notepad.
    Change the values however you need to, but make sure both the properties and the values are wrapped in double-quotes.
    Save your file and give it a useful name like asset_metadata.json.
    You can call it whatever you'd like, but you need to make sure to save it with the .json file extension
    Now, you can upload this JSON to Pinata. When you do, you will once again get a CID.
    This time, the CID is for your metadata JSON which is a pointer to the file you uploaded before.
    How To Associate Metadata With Your NFT
    When you mint your token, most platforms will ask for this metadata.
    You should be able to provide the metadata in the same format as you did for your asset value in the metadata itself:
    Now you have a future proof NFT that you can hold, transfer, or sell.
    Anyone can fetch the asset you created without needing to worry about any specific service existing in the future.
    (Pinata Docs)


    You can also use the smart contract features to create your NFT.

    Smart Contract


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